How to Put a Fishing Bobber on

How to Put a Fishing Bobber OnA fishing bobber, also called a fishing float, is used by anglers both to suspend live bait in the water at a desired depth and to see when a fish is biting. Bobbers come in many shapes and sizes but the beginner fisherman is best served by utilizing the typical round red-and-white bobber. By watching the bobber's movements in the water, you will be able to tell if a fish is nibbling at the bait and then you can try to set the hook.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to Put a Fishing Bobber on

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing rod
  • Fishing line
  • Bobber
Step 1
Determine the depth at which you want your bait to be suspended in the water by your bobber. For example, if you are fishing in a pond about 6 feet deep, you may want your bait to be 2 feet beneath your bobber.
Step 2
Approximate the distance from your hook that you want to place your bobber. You may measure it from the end of the hook. Take the fishing line in one hand at the spot you wish to attach the bobber and grab the bobber with your other hand.
Step 3
Push down on the button on the top of your bobber with your thumb. Notice that the bobber is spring loaded and that a small hooked catch will emerge from the other end. Push down hard enough so that as much of this catch as possible is exposed.
Step 4
Wrap the fishing line around the bottom catch. To ensure that the bobber will not slide up and down the line, wrap the line around the catch at least twice.
Step 5
Place your thumb on the bobber's bottom catch and depress the sides of the top button. This will reveal another catch that exists in the middle of the top button. Take the fishing line and wrap it around this catch. Your bobber is now secured on the line at both ends and will not slip when you cast your line out.

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