How to Remove a Sprocket From a Bicycle Wheel

How to Remove a Sprocket From a Bicycle Wheel
Working in conjunction with the chain rings at the front of the bike, sprockets afford the cyclist a range of gears from which to choose. Shifting rear gears, the chain responds by moving onto the chosen sprocket. Sprocket teeth should perfectly mesh with the individual links that comprise the drive chain. When chains skip, it's often a result of worn sprocket teeth, as the teeth and the chain no longer mesh effectively. Changing the worn sprocket for a new one will fix the problem.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Lockring removal tool
  • Spanner or adjustable wrench
Step 1
Shift to the smallest rear sprocket and remove the wheel from the bicycle. If the tire cannot clear the brake pads, release tension upon the brake by opening the brake quick release. The brake release is a small lever and is most often found on the brake.
Step 2
Hhold the tire between your feet-- while standing--with the sprocket side of the tire facing away from you.
Step 3
Insert a lockring removal tool into the cassette. The cassette is comprised of the cluster of sprockets. The tool will be inserted through the opening in the center of the cassette.
Step 4
Attach a proper size wrench onto the flat surface of the lockring tool. The handle of the wrench will be positioned at approximately ten o'clock.
Step 5
Attach the chain end of a chain whip to one of the cogs. The handle of the chain whip will be held approximately at the three o'clock position.
Step 6
Push the two handles down toward the ground. This will loosen the lockring.
Step 7
Unscrew the lockring from the cassette. The sprocket(s) can now be removed.

Article Written By Matthew Ferguson

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