How to Clean RV Carpet

How to Clean RV Carpet
If you're returning from a long camping trip, you'll want to clean the carpet in your RV to eliminate the dirt and grime you tracked into the vehicle when on the road. The process is moderately easy and only requires an effective cleaning system and the right accessories or attachments. Cleaning the carpet in your RV is similar to cleaning the carpets in your home, car or truck. Because the space in a RV is more confined than a house, RV cleaning systems are manufactured to be mounted so you can travel with your cleaning system and use it when necessary.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • RV cleaning system
  • Extended hose
Step 1
Use an RV central vacuum. Central vacuum systems can be mounted away to make cleaning your carpets faster and easier.
Step 2
Mount the vacuum in a storage compartment to maximize space. Next, mount the suction outlets in the floor. You can also use the kick panel of the stairs as well. When you are ready to clean the carpet in your RV, open the cover to your vacuum outlet and insert the end of the hose you wish to use. Power the vacuum from the outlet point.
Step 3
Run the vacuum over dirt, crumbs and other debris to suction the mess from the carpet. Repeat as necessary, using the hose or other attachments.
Step 4
Clean hard-to-reach areas using an extended hose. RV central vacuums generally require the purchase of an extended hose, but standard hoses are provided.
Step 5
Vacuum hard-to-clean areas with an attachment such as the RugRat turbine head brush. This deep-cleaning system also provides a dust pan port that allows you to clean carpeted areas as well as smooth surfacees. The system's wide port allows you to clean large areas including the steps of your RV. Intervac Design Corporation also manufactures RV central vacuum systems and attachments.

Tips & Warnings

Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions before using a new RV carpet vacuum.

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