How to Put a New Bell Inner Tube in a Bike

How to Put a New Bell Inner Tube in a Bike
Getting a flat during a bike ride is an irritating hassle. By carrying a new Bell tube with you, you're prepared to deal with the issue. Bell offers a variety of inner tubes, including self-sealing tubes, universal tubes and No-Mor Flats tubes. Replacing a punctured inner tube with a new Bell universal tube is a quick process that shouldn't hold up your ride for too long.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wrench
  • Tire levers
  • Pump
Step 1
Find a safe place on the road or trail to pull over.
Step 2
Loosen the brake pads. Before you can take the wheel off the bike, you may need to adjust the brake pads to fit the rim. Disc brakes shouldn't present any problems, but other styles of brakes necessitate removing the brake cable so that the pads spread open.
Step 3
Take the wheel off of the bike. Many bikes use a quick-release skewer that simply requires you to pull the lever and loosen the nut on the opposite side. If your bike uses a bolt, then you'll need a wrench to take the wheel off. Avoid removing the hardware so that you don't lose any small pieces.
Step 4
Remove any remaining air in the tube. If the flat tire didn't fully drain your tube, press down on the valve and remove the air.
Step 5
Remove one side of the tire from the rim. This is accomplished by pushing your tire lever between the rim and the sidewall of the tire until you can grab the edge (bead) of the tire and pull it over the top of the rim. With that first lever holding the tire bead out, insert the second tire lever three or four inches over and pull another section of the tire free. Repeat until you can remove the entire bead from the rim.
Step 6
Pull the valve out of the rim and take the tube out of the tire. Put the tube in a backpack or saddle bag to take home and repair or discard.
Step 7
Take a close look at the inside of the rim and tire to see if the cause of your flat is visible. If there is a spoke sticking through, then cover it with tape. Carefully remove any sharp objects sticking in the tire.
Step 8
Remove the Bell tube from the box and unroll it into shape. Pump a small amount of air into it so that it forms into its rounded shape.
Step 9
Carefully place the tube in the tire and the valve through the rim.
Step 10
Using just your hands, fold the bead of the tire back inside the rim. Move around the tire until you have inserted the entire bead. If you cannot do so by hand, very carefully leverage the remaining bead into the rim with the tire lever. Use a steady hand and avoid poking the lever into the new tube.
Step 11
Check your bead installation to make sure that none of the tube is sticking out. Be sure that the tire is sitting evenly.
Step 12
Pump the tire to the appropriate pressure. The recommended pressure of your tire should be indicated on the sidewall. As you pump, make sure that the entire tire remains seated and properly aligned in the rim.
Step 13
Put the cover back on the tube and reattach your bike wheel and brakes.

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