How to Buy Women's Hiking Boots

How to Buy Women's Hiking BootsBoots can make or break a hiking trip, so when the time comes to replace yours, take some time and effort before you spend money. Good fit is the top consideration followed by cost. An expert opinion on how boots fit your feet and your hiking style spares you the pain and expense of buying something unsuitable. Get an opinion from a trained sales associate at a reputable outdoor-gear store before pulling out your credit card.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Winter and summer hiking socks
  • Money or credit card
  • A computer and local advertisements
Step 1
Decide the type of boot you need based on how you hike. Hiking boots come in lightweight to extra-durable models, with heavy traction and flexible soles, waterproof and insulated materials, and with low-rise to high-topped uppers.
Step 2
Try on several types of boots under the supervision of an expert boot fitter. Narrow your selections to two or three models.
Step 3
Test each pair by wearing your summer and then winter hiking socks. Walk on flat, slippery, uphill and downhill surfaces in each. Note at least two models you like, remembering size as well as model name.
Step 4
Search the Internet for models you like and compare prices. Use buyers' reviews to determine a vendor's reliability.
Step 5
Read local newspaper ads, especially on Sundays, to find the best price.
Step 6
Consider buying the first pair from your local store to show customer loyalty and gratitude for their service. As soon as you're sure that you like a boot model, buy a second pair from a less-expensive source.

Tips & Warnings

Shop for boots late in the day or after a hike, when your feet are largest.
Don't forget to insert orthotics as you test boots.
Sizes vary by model and brand, so pay more attention to how a boot feels than what its label says about size.
Be sure to break boots in by wearing them around the house for a few hours, then on a short hike, before heading into the wilderness.

Article Written By Lani Johnson

Lani Johnson is a hiking, writing musician. Recent published work includes journalism, poetry and research. See her online writing at or at

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