How to Keep Cross Country Shoes From Slipping Off Skis

How to Keep Cross Country Shoes From Slipping Off Skis
To keep cross-country shoes from slipping off your skis, you will need to apply wax to your ski's kick zone for grip. There are different types of waxes such as hard, Klister and spray. Klister is used for warmer conditions (such as snow that has melted and refrozen) and spray waxes are only for quick fixes. The most popular choice is hard wax because it works best in cold and snowy temperatures. Follow the steps below to add grip using hard wax.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Waxing Your Cross-Country Skis

Things You’ll Need:
  • Masking tape
  • Plastic scraper
  • Base cleaner
  • Sandpaper
  • Waxing cork
  • Hard wax
Step 1
Prepare the area to be waxed by locating your kick zone. The kick zone is the middle third section of your ski. It is located about 70 cm from the heel of your ski's binding forward.
Step 2
Using a thin strip of masking tape, mark your kick zone in the front and back.
Step 3
Scrape the spot with the plastic scraper and use the base cleaner with a cloth to remove any dirt and old wax.
Step 4
Take the sand paper and wrap it around the waxing cork. Rub the spot in both directions as a final preparation to wax your ski.
Step 5
Hold your ski at a 30-degree angle and rub the hard wax on the kick zone or middle third of your skis. Use careful, short back-and-forth strokes to rub the wax. Apply another coat of wax and continue to buff as needed. Make sure you buff your surface area smoothly each time.
Step 6
Test the wax and ski for about 100 feet to evaluate your grip. If you are still slipping, scrape and apply a softer wax. If you feel you are gripping excessively, scrape and apply a harder wax.

Tips & Warnings

Hard waxes are mostly color coded based on their temperature range. You can choose two or three waxes that cover a range of temperatures.
Work at room temperature when applying the hard wax.
Clean and dry your ski bases thoroughly before waxing.
This only applies to smooth skis. Skis that are embossed to prevent slippage do not require waxing.

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