How to Mark Climbing Ropes

How to Mark Climbing Ropes
A climbing rope is literally a climber's lifeline, one of the few items of a gear system that usually isn't redundant. When you life depends on a single piece of nylon--and certain substances have been shown to degrade nylon--who can blame climbers for being nearly paranoid about what touches their ropes? There are two commonly accepted ways of marking the middle point on a climbing rope: using a specially designed rope marker or marking the middle with dental floss or thread.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rope marker
  • Large sewing needle
  • Dental floss
Step 1
Hold the two ends of the rope together in your right hand. Wrap your left hand around both strands of rope.
Step 2
Pull both strands of rope evenly through your left hand until you reach the middle of the rope.
Step 3
Pinch the rope in one hand, just below the middle of the rope, while you color in a 1- or 2-inch wide portion of the rope sheath, all the way around the circumference of the rope, centered on the middle of the rope. Make sure you use a marker specially designed for marking climbing ropes.
Step 4
Mark the middle with dental floss if you'd rather not use a marker on your rope. Thread a large sewing needle with dental floss. Work the dental floss around the middle of the rope, threading it through the rope's sheath, not directly through the core, until you've created a mark that's large enough to easily spot.

Tips & Warnings

While the most common reason for marking a climbing rope is wanting to spot the middle easily, some climbers also like to mark the ends of their ropes a certain portion of the way up--say, 30 feet--so that they can easily gauge when their climbing partner has almost run out of rope.


Article Written By Marie Mulrooney

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