How to Adjust Bike Handle Bars on a Beach Cruiser

How to Adjust Bike Handle Bars on a Beach Cruiser
The beach cruiser is built for comfort, but the fit will still need to be customized by the owner. Generally this includes both saddle and handlebar adjustment. Handlebars can be adjusted at the steering column and at the terminus of the handlebar stem. The first adjustment will allow you to raise or lower the bars, while the second will allow you to adjust the angle of the bars. Both adjustments will be covered here.


Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:
  • 5mm allen wrench
  • Measuring tape (as needed)
Step 1
Loosen the stem expander bolt by turning it clockwise with a 5 mm. allen wrench. The bolt is located at the tip of the steering column (called the "stem") just before the column branches off toward the handlebar.
Step 2
Raise or lower the stem. This will in effect raise or lower the height of the handlebar. According to "Bicycle Maintenance and Repair," when setting the handlebar height, make sure that at least 2 inches extend down into the steerer tube. The stem may contain a minimum insertion line. Be sure that the stem is far enough in to cover this line.
Step 3
Be sure that the handlebar stem is straight. If it is not, hold the front wheel steady with your feet and turn the stem left or right as needed.
Step 4
Re-tighten the stem expander bolt.


Step 1
Loosen the stem clamp binder bolt. This bolt is located where the handlebar and stem meet. On many beach cruisers, the bolt is located on the underside of this intersection.
Step 2
Angle the handlebar as needed. The bar can also be moved left or right at this point. There should be an even amount of handlebar on either side of the stem. Use a measuring tape for accuracy.
Step 3
Re-tighten the binder bolt. Place pressure upon the handlebar to ensure that you have tightened the bolts in a proper manner. Continue to tighten if necessary.

Article Written By Matthew Ferguson

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