How to Tie a Ski Rope to a Ski Pylon

How to Tie a Ski Rope to a Ski Pylon
Many water ski pylons use swivel clips or hooks to attach the tow rope to the pylon, and while that makes clipping the tow rope on for use a simple matter, there is still the pesky task of tying the rope onto the hook. Tying the rope onto the pylon's hook is easy, requiring only the mastery of a simple knot known as a surgeon's loop. With that knot mastered, you will be able to tackle this task, and many others, like an old pro.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Knife or scissors
Step 1
Draw the business end of your tow line back to form a simple, open loop. The length of this loop depends on the size of the swivel hook you want to ultimately mate the tow line to, so some trial and error may be required. Six to eight inches is a good starter length.
Step 2
Wrap the top of the loop back around itself, and then thread it through the resulting opening to form a standard overhand knot. However, do not pull the knot tight, so as to leave an open space for further threading. The end result will be a loose, double-corded knot with a loop on one end and the rest of the line on the other.
Step 3
Pass the end of the loop through the space you left in the knot in Step 2.
Step 4
Pull the knot tight and trim away excess rope from the business end of the line with a knife or pair of scissors. You now have a surgeon's loop.
Step 5
Thread the surgeon's loop up through the eye of the swivel hook that came with your pylon kit. Then run the loop back over the hook. Pull down to fasten the suregon's loop onto the swivel hook. Your tow line is now tied and ready to be clipped onto the ski pylon.

Article Written By Edwin Thomas

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