How to Choose a Bike Seat for Men

How to Choose a Bike Seat for Men
Choosing the right bike seat is imperative to the long-term health of male cyclists. There are a ton of men's bike seats on the market, which can make choosing one a daunting task. With a careful eye and a clear understanding of what you are looking for, choosing the best one for you can be made much easier.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bicycle seat
  • Bicycle
  • 15mm wrench (if seat is not a quick release)
Step 1
Find seats designed for your type of riding. Racing bikes, commuter bikes, hybrids, road bikes and mountain bikes are all used for different types of riding, and so are their seats.
Step 2
Ask to look at cutaway seats. Many seat manufacturers design cutaway seats for male cyclists that have either holes of depressions in them that are ergonomically designed for male comfort. If you ride a lot, put a lot of your weight on the bike seat when you ride or are concerned about long-term health risks from bike riding, you should consider purchasing a cutaway seat.
Step 3
Test the bike seat before you buy it. Most stores allow you to install the seat on one of their bikes and ride it around the block. You should always do this before buying a seat. Make sure that you fit in the center of the depressions built in the bike seat. Ride fast to see if the seat is too wide and rubs uncomfortably against your thighs when you pedal quickly. Adjust the angle of the seat to make sure it can be positioned the way you feel most comfortable.

Tips & Warnings

Testing bike seats is best done with a friend. One person can stabilize the bike while you sit on the seat and get a feel for it.
After you install a bike seat, take your bike for a short ride to make sure it is properly adjusted and attached to your bike.

Article Written By Jake Kulju

Jake Kulju is a Minneapolis-based freelance outdoors writer with 10 years' experience. He is an outdoors guidebook author for Avalon Travel and his work is regularly published in "Outdoor Traditions Magazine" and "Naturescape News." His nature-based poetry is published in "Poetry Canada" and "Farmhouse Magazine." Kulju holds an English degree from the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota.

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