How to Wrap a Hiking Stick

How to Wrap a Hiking StickWrapping a hiking stick is a simple process with great rewards. A well wrapped stick will have a good grip that prevents your hands from slipping or sliding, especially when wet. The grip should be sticky on your bare hands and while wearing gloves. It is optional to include a lanyard to prevent dropping your stick. The lanyard will also keep the stick attached to your hand while resting and will decrease the chances of you leaving the stick behind. There are several methods of wrapping a hiking stick with the simplest being just as effective as the most complicated.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Hockey, Golf, or Tennis Tape
  • Sand Paper
  • 3 mm Diameter Paracord (optional)
  • Super Glue
Step 1
Sand the grip area of the hiking stick 1/4 inch into the wood. The top inch of the staff should not be sanded.
Step 2
Make a loop with the para-cord that is large enough to easily insert and remove your hand. Use super glue to attach the para-cord to the sanded handle area of the hiking stick.
Step 3
Begin the wrap at the top of the sanded grip area and work your way to the bottom of the grip. Wraps should over-lap 1/4 of the wrap width. If the wrapped area is not flush with the stick make another layer. Repeat this process until the wraps are flush with the wood.
Step 4
Test your hiking stick in the field.

Tips & Warnings

The boy scouts sell a pre-made, leather wrap. The wrap is a single piece and is easy to attach to a hiking stick.

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