How to Lock a Bike Seat

How to Lock a Bike Seat
Even if you spend much time and effort purchasing a quality lock and locking your bike to a stable object, there are still loose parts on the bike that can be easily lifted. The seat is one of the most vulnerable parts of your bike, especially when it's secured to the frame with quick release hardware. Cyclists should secure the seat with a chain or cable lock or they might just return to a bike with no seat.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Cable or chain lock
Step 1
Lock your bike frame securely. Be sure that the lock or locks run through both wheels and the frame.
Step 2
If you're using a chain or a cable lock to lock your frame or wheels, check to see if there is enough slack to route it through the rails on the bottom of your seat. You want to eliminate slack on the lock anyway, so if it's possible to lock the frame and/or wheel in addition to the seat, use one lock to do so.
Step 3
Use a separate lock. If you don't have enough slack in your frame/wheel lock to lock the seat, use a separate lock. A chain or cable lock will work best for this purpose.
Step 4
Wrap the chain around both of the rails under the seat and around the frame. Eliminate slack and get the lock as taut as possible to limit leverage.
Step 5
Secure the lock and position the lock itself so that the keyhole or combination is pointing down and is difficult to access. Pull on it to make sure that it is fully locked.
Step 6
Check to make sure that the two wheels, frame and seat are all locked to either the bike rack or to another part of the bike that is locked to the rack (or other stable object). Check each lock to ensure it is secure.

Tips & Warnings

You could also remove the seat and take it inside with you.
For added safety, replace quick release seat hardware with a binder bolt or locking quick release mechanism.
Do not wrap a lock around the seat post as thieves could still pull the post out and remove the seat.

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