How to Put the Solid Rubber Inner Tubes Into Bicycle Tires

How to Put the Solid Rubber Inner Tubes Into Bicycle Tires
If your cycling adventures include frequent encounters with sharp rocks, cactus and thorn bushes, airless tubes are worth considering. The small increase in weight and rolling resistance is easily offset by the peace of mind that comes from knowing you'll never fix another flat. Popular airless tubes like NoMorFlats are guaranteed to make tube patching a distant memory. You can put away the air pump and patch kit since you'll never lose pressure. Although installation takes longer than conventional tubes, you won't have a problem if you follow these steps.


Difficulty: Moderate

Installing NoMorFlat Solid Tubes

Things You’ll Need:
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Bucket of water
  • Sponge
  • Tire irons
  • Shoe lace
Step 1
Push the tube into the tire and over the rim. Unseat the tire from your wheel rim so one edge of the tire is inside the rim and the other is outside. Add liquid dish soap to a bucket of water and coat the NoMorFlat tube with the soapy solution. On the side of the wheel where your tire's edge is outside the rim, feed the tube into your tire and over the rim. Work your way around the wheel's circumference until the tube is inside the tire and centered on the rim.
Step 2
Re-seat the tire bead onto the rim. Slip a tire iron under the edge of your tire that's outside the rim and rest the tip on the lip of the rim. Push up on the tire iron to jam the outside edge of your tire inside the rim. While you hold the tire iron in place, wrap a shoelace around it and tie it to the spokes on the opposite side of the wheel.
Step 3
As you use the tire irons you'll see spots where you can remove them without popping the tire back off the rim. Keep removing and using the irons until you get back to the one you tied down. Both sides of your tire will now be seated inside the rim and you can remove the remaining irons including the one you tied down.
Step 4
With the first tire iron held securely by your shoelace, continue around the wheel using additional irons as levers to wedge the outside edge of your tire inside the rim. Lubricate the rim and tire with soapy water as you do this and insert each tire iron a hand's width apart.
Step 5
Mount the wheel and rotate the tire on the rim. As soon as your tire is fully seated, remount the wheel to your bike's frame and apply the brake to lock it in place. While the soapy solution on your wheel is still wet, grab the tire with a hand on either side and rotate it around the rim to evenly set both beads (the tire edges that rest inside the rim). Clean off the soapy water and let your wheel air dry for at least a day before taking the bike for a ride.

Tips & Warnings

When the soapy solution on your wheel dries out you won't be able to remove the tire normally. You can replace it by sticking a utility knife in the center of the tread and spin the wheel to split the tire in half. Pull the halves off your rim to reuse the airless tube.
The reduced pressure of airless tubes will make the ground feel mushy as you ride. Since your wheels will absorb more shocks than they would with air-filled inner tubes it's important to keep the spokes tight to avoid possible damage.

Article Written By Dan Eash

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