How to Repair a Tear in a Nylon Ski Jacket

How to Repair a Tear in a Nylon Ski Jacket
Nylon is a durable, lightweight material that is used in ski jackets. Although it can withstand abuse, under extreme circumstances it will tear. Ski jackets are expensive and it is more cost effective to repair a torn jacket than it is to purchase a new one. Tears should be fixed immediately or they will increase in size and become more difficult to fix.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Fixing the Tear

Things You’ll Need:
  • Seam sealant
  • Nylon patch
  • Thin cloth
Step 1
Use a needle and thread to sew the tear. Place a thin layer of seam sealant over the stitching and on a nylon patch. Cover the entire patch and let the sealant cure for several minutes
Step 2
Place the patch over the tear and cover it with a thin cloth. The cloth will prevent you from melting the nylon material. An old shirt works well.
Step 3
Use the iron with a low heat setting to flatten the patch to the jacket. Do not over-iron as excess heat can melt the material.
Step 4
Let the patch cool and dry before wearing the jacket.

Tips & Warnings

Large, crooked tears can be difficult to fix and should be taken to a seamstress.
Do not use an excessive amount of seam sealant. A thin layer will be sufficient.

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