How to Extend the Hitch on an RV

How to Extend the Hitch on an RV
Hitch extensions are square tube pieces of steel manufactured to fit into the the receiver hitch mounted to vehicles. It is sometimes necessary to use a hitch extension to either reach past a rear-mounted object such as a tire or ladder or to reach underneath an extended object such as a boat bow. The hitch extension allows recreational vehicles to tow in unusual circumstances when it might be otherwise impossible.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Determine the length of the extension hitch needed. Measure the distance to be cleared from the back of the RV or from the front of the trailer.
Step 2
Attach the correct size towing ball to the flat tongue of the hitch extension. Refer to the ball size, which is typically listed on the coupling at the front of the trailer tongue. Tighten the large lock washer and nut using a wrench.
Step 3
Insert the square end of the hitch extension into the opening of the receiver hitch. Make sure the correct size extension tube is used for the receiver. Receivers are typically available in 1 1/4 and 2 inches.
Step 4
Secure the hitch extension by inserting a hitch pin through the opening in the side of the receiver, through the extension and out the other side. Place a retaining clip in the pin.
Step 5
Attach the trailer to the ball on the hitch extension, push the locking lever closed, and insert a retaining pin through the hole in the lock lever.

Tips & Warnings

Follow any recommendations or warnings provided by the hitch extension manufacturer.
Use caution when towing with a hitch extension. Take into consideration additional length behind the vehicle, especially when making turns.

Article Written By Keith Dooley

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