How to Snowboard With Mountaineering Boots

How to Snowboard With Mountaineering Boots
Mountaineering and snowboarding seem to have opposing goals. One is about ascending while the other is about descending. One is about endurance while the other is about speed. These differences are reflected in the equipment specific to each sport. Nevertheless it is possible, in a pinch, to use mountaineering boots to get down that mountain on a snowboard. While it's not an ideal way to mix and match gear, a little advanced knowledge can help you use your boots in snowboard bindings.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Change your snowboard bindings to strap-ins. Many boards are sold with bindings that you clip the boots into, much like with skis. However, some boarders still use strap-in bindings that rely on two heavy-duty straps tightened across the top of the boot.
Step 2
Step into the snowboard bindings with your mountaineering boots on. Determine how the boots fit in the binding's foot-well. Your mountaineering boots may be too narrow for the bindings. If the width is adjustable on your bindings, tighten them until they are just a little wider than your boots. If you cannot adjust your binding's width you'll have to compensate for the looseness while snowboarding.
Step 3
Clear the bindings of ice and snow before sticking your boots into them. Because mountaineering boots are designed for gripping rugged surfaces, their soles tend to be harder. This means that they are more likely to slip on a slick, wet surface. Scraping snow out of the bindings is more important with mountaineering boots than with snowboard boots.
Step 4
Strap your feet down into the binding. Strap-in bindings typically use a ratchet system to tighten the strap over the shoe. Because a mountaineering boot is likely to be more stiff on top, don't be afraid to ratchet as hard as you can to get a tight fit.
Step 5
Exaggerate your movements as you snowboard. Once you've begun heading down the mountain, you should expect to need more effort in turning your board. However, if you've tightened your boots down tightly enough, you should be able to adjust quickly.

Tips & Warnings

Always wear a helmet while snowboarding.
Try your boots in your snowboard on a small incline before hitting the slope.

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