How to Make a Cone Campfire

How to Make a Cone CampfireA glowing campfire often serves as a memorable centerpiece for overnight camping experiences. The dancing flames can provide fuel for cooking and a measure of warmth on chilly evenings, as well as creating an idyllic setting for either storytelling or quiet contemplation. Cone campfires are easy to build and will burn steadily for hours of enjoyment.


Difficulty: Easy


Things You’ll Need:
  • Kindling
  • Firewood
  • Hatchet
  • Matches, lighter or disposable fire starter
  • Water and dirt
Step 1
Make sure fires are allowed where you are camping. Check with the campground owner or look for posted notices.
Step 2
Choose the site for your cone campfire. If there's an existing fire ring, always use it. Otherwise, dig a small fire pit that is at least 1 foot deep. Remember that the fire should be at least 25 feet away from your tent and vehicles, and even farther if there is a strong wind.
Step 3
Gather kindling and firewood. Dry leaves, twigs and vines work well for kindling. You can either buy firewood or collect it from the area around your campsite if this is permitted. Use the hatchet to make logs a uniform length.
Step 4
Prepare the fire. Make a small pile of kindling in the center of the fire pit. Then lean three logs together over the kindling in the shape of a cone or pyramid. Place several other logs in the same configuration to complete the cone structure.
Step 5
Ignite the kindling with matches, a lighter or fire starter. Watch and wait for the larger logs to catch fire.
Step 6
Add additional logs as necessary.

Tips & Warnings

Dryer lint, toilet paper or a starter log are useful aids in getting your cone campfire started.
Never leave a campfire unattended. Before going to sleep, use water and dirt to fully extinguish your cone campfire.

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