How to Make Fishing Bait out of Hair

How to Make Fishing Bait out of HairWhether you're running low on bait or you just like to do things yourself, making hair bait is an option that many fisherman use. Also referred to as hair jigs, hair bait is ordinarily made from rabbit fur and other animal hair, but you can also make a hair jig out of human hair. Human hair fish bait is eco-friendly, cost effective and an excellent way to make use of your hair trimmings.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

How to:

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing hook
  • Small rubber worm bait (color optional)
  • Braided lock of hair (3 inches long by 1 inch thick)
  • Small ball of power bait (or stink bait, any color)
  • Fishing twine (about 6 inches long)
Step 1
Tie the length of twine around the very center of the braided lock of hair, making sure to double--and even triple--knot the twine.
Step 2
Make a fisherman's knot with the end of the twine looped through the fishing hook. Leave the hair dangling, but tie the knots tightly to bring the hair close to the hook.
Step 3
Slide the pointed end of the hook through the center of the ball-bait, and push the ball up against the knot, where the lock of hair meets the hook.
Step 4
Slide the pointed end of the hook through the center of the rubber worm, pushing it up against the bait ball, snugly.
Step 5
Fray the ends of the braided lock of hair, to give it a feathered look, completing your hair-jig bait.

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