Clipless Pedal Care for Road Bikes

Clipless Pedal Care for Road Bikes
Although the name doesn't suggest it, "clipless" pedals work by clipping the rider's shoe into the pedal by means of a cleat attached to the bottom of the shoe and a clipping mechanism that's integrated into the pedal. Although there are different brands of clipless pedals that use somewhat different mechanisms, there are some common things that should be done to care for your pedals and keep them working properly.


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Step 1
Clean the pedals regularly. After using your pedals, brush out any dirt that might have gotten into the pedals and cleats. Use a brush and a little water, if necessary, then dry the pedals with a rag. Drop a couple of drops of light oil onto the moving parts and springs of the pedal mechanism.
Step 2
Turn the adjustment screws. Every few weeks, take an Allen wrench, and lightly tighten and loosen the tension adjustment screw on the back of the pedal. Keep track of the turns so you reset the tension properly. Then put a drop or two of lubricant onto the tension screw.
Step 3
Check your cleats for wear. The cleats that attach to your shoes are often made of plastic and will wear, resulting in a loose connection between your shoe and the cleat. Purchase replacement cleats if they are excessively worn or start slipping.
Step 4
Remove and grease the pedal threads at least once a year (more, if you ride a lot). Remove the pedals from the bike's crank arms with an Allen wrench and apply a spot or two of silicone grease on the threads of the pedals. Put the pedals back on and tighten them.

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