How to Size Skate Skis

How to Size Skate Skis
Choosing the right size ski equipment is critical to having a good skate skiing experience. While finding the right size quickly boils down to finding the appropriate options in a size chart, you must also take into account your skill level along with your weight and sometimes your height, as well. The chart will also only yield a range of options--as always, the final choice boils down to personal preference.


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Step 1
Measure your weight as accurately as possible. Medical scales or a digital scale are the ideal ways of doing this; if you use a mechanical scale make sure it reads "0" before stepping onto it.
Step 2
Measure your height, as well; having a rigid height measure, such as those found on some medical scales, is ideal--but a line drawn on the wall then measured, or even a friend with a measuring tape, will do the job in a pinch. Not every skate ski sizing system incorporates height, but a few do.
Step 3
Evaluate your skate skiing skill level as honestly as possible. Are you a beginner, intermediate or advanced skier? Have you experimented with skate skis enough to have a personal preference for softer or stiffer skis?
Step 4
Consult a size chart (see options in the Resources section) to determine the appropriate size skate ski for yourself. Note that what size you use depends on how stiff the ski is. In general, a soft-flex ski will accommodate less weight than a stiff-flex ski of the same size; at the same time, beginners will usually want a softer (and thus larger) ski than an expert might.

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