How to Identify New York Spiders

How to Identify New York Spiders
There is a large variety of spiders in New York. Some spin funnel webs, some spin cobwebs and some don't spin webs at all. Some spiders that are so small that they are rarely seen, but their bites can hurt, while others are large and scary looking but run the other way when a human comes along. As a rule, it's smart to not handle any spiders, but be extra careful with spiders that are known to have harmful bites.


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Step 1
Beware of the sac spider. In New York, they are one of the most common spiders you will find in homes. They also bite more humans than any other spider, and their bites can cause itchy and painful sores. Sac spiders easily go unseen because they are so small, from 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch in length. The sac spider's two front legs are longer than its other legs, and the spiders range in color from tan, yellow, pale green, or light brown.
Step 2
Look near water to find fishing spiders. In New York, fishing spiders can be found near rivers, swamps, or streams. They can dive into the water to eat tadpoles and stay under water for up to 45 minutes. They live near water and are one of the largest spiders in the state. They appear intimidating, but they are not aggressive toward humans. They are brown and gray.
Step 3
The American house spider can be found in any home or building, often in room corners near the ceiling or outside by window s. They come out when it is dark and build webs where they think they can capture the most insects without being disturbed. They have a round abdomen that is yellow and brown with black and gray markings.
Step 4
Look near a garden close to the ground for the black and yellow garden spiders. In New York they can be found in areas that have flowers and trees and vegetation. These relatively large spiders build their webs no higher than three feet from the ground. They have round abdomens with black markings and their legs have yellow stripes or orange coloring. The yellow and black garden spider is one of the most elegant looking spiders, with its unique and colorful markings. They will hang upside down on their webs with their front legs together and back legs together on either side.
Step 5
Search for the funnel web spiders in grassy fields. These spiders create funnel-shaped webs and rarely leave their webs. They are brown and gray with spinnerets that help make the web and eight eyes all of the same size.
Step 6
Watch out for one of the most hairiest spider in New York, the wolf spider. They are brown and black and can grow as big as 2 inches long. The wolf spider's eye pattern is three rows of eyes with four in each row. It has great eyesight, which is much needed as it hunts for prey at night.
Step 7
Go into forests, mountains, sandy areas in New York to find jumping spiders. These spiders are best known for their large size and hairy bodies. They also have a unique eye pattern with two small eyes and two large eyes. Jumping spiders jump onto their prey, and sometimes they will jump instead of walk. They hunt the ground at night searching for their food rather than building a web.

Tips & Warnings

Venomous spiders are not common in New York. It is extremely rare to come across a black widow in New York.

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