How to Wear a Dive Mask

How to Wear a Dive Mask
Diving masks enhance your swimming and diving experiences by keeping water out of your eyes so you can explore without eye irritation or blurriness. Even a great diving mask won't help you much, however, unless you know how to wear it. It's not difficult, but you do need to keep a few important points in mind.


Difficulty: Easy

Check the Fit

Things You’ll Need:
  • Diving mask Defogging spray or gel
  • Diving mask
  • Defogging spray or gel
Step 1
Adjust the strap. Most diving mask retaining straps are made of silicone rubber, which is flexible and soft. If you go snorkeling, the snorkel will be attached to this strap. Some people find that long hair gets badly tangled in silicone straps, so they look for a mask with an elastic strap. Whether the strap is elastic or silicone, make sure it has a comfortable width and adjusts easily to the size of your head. You know it's adjusted well when it stays in place when you shake your head but doesn't feel uncomfortably tight.
Step 2
Ensure the frame is appropriate for your face. Frames come in different sizes and some are even frameless. They are commonly made of a polycarbonate plastic. Check to make sure that your peripheral vision is not too obscured by the sides of the mask.
Step 3
Put the mask on and inhale through your nose. If the mask fits correctly, this should create a vacuum within the mask. This vacuum holds the mask on your face and keeps water out while you're underwater. If the mask doesn't create a vacuum when you inhale, you need to find a different one.

Use Defogging Spray

Step 1
Buy a defogging spray or gel at a diving shop. It's important to check ingredients on labels because some defogging sprays and gels can cause allergic reactions in people who have severe allergies. For people with allergies, there are all-natural defogging sprays and gels.
Step 2
Rub gel into the lens of your diving mask with your fingers or with a cloth. Spray can be sprayed onto the lens. If it looks streaky, rub it in with a cloth.
Step 3
Keep your defogger handy in case you need it during your swim or dive. You can attach some defogger bottles to your suit with a carabiner.

Put the Mask On

Step 1
Hold the mask in your left hand in front of you with the lens in your palm, preparing to put it on.
Step 2
Lean over and put your face onto the mask. At the same time, pull the strap back over your head with your other hand.
Step 3
Adjust the strap to make the mask comfortable but tight. Inhale through your nose to create a vacuum against your face.

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