How to Build a Snow Ramp

How to Build a Snow Ramp
The best snow ramps are found at ski resorts, but with a little effort you can build your own ramp. Tailor it for your purpose and build it with safety in mind. A steep ramp will let you catch more air, but it also requires a steep hill to build speed ahead of the ramp. A low incline is fun for sledding, snow boarding and skiing. It limits your hang time and the type of tricks you can do, however. Make sure there's a soft landing pad behind the ramp to prevent injuries.


Difficulty: Moderate

The Ramp

Things You’ll Need:
  • Round metal garbage can
  • 3/8 inch x 4 foot x 8 foot plywood
  • Sheet metal screws
  • Snow shovel
  • Snow
  • Drill and bit
Step 1
Sink a round metal garbage can into the snow at the desired height. Weight the can by putting rocks inside. On the ramp side of the can, use a shovel and your hands to pack snow at a moderate incline.
Step 2
Place the plywood on the snow with the edge of the wood meeting the garbage can. Adjust the packed snow base to find the desired incline and use sheet-metal screws to attach the plywood to the garbage can.
Step 3
Pack snow around the front and back side of the ramp, completely covering all of the materials. Use a generous amount of snow and be sure it is hard-packed.
Step 4
Build a landing area by shoveling piles of soft snow behind the ramp.
Step 5
Test the ramp at slow speeds to make sure it is stable before hitting it with full force.

Tips & Warnings

Jumping on a snow ramp can be dangerous. Clear the landing area of any sharp or hard objects and wear a helmet. Do not build a ramp in a avalanche area and use the ramp in a supervised situation.

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