How to Camp at the Gorge in Washington

How to Camp at the Gorge in Washington
The Gorge, in Washington state, is a popular concert destination that seats 25,000 people. Located along the banks of the Columbia River, it's just a few hours' drive from the Seattle metropolitan area, as well as Portland, Ore., and Spokane, Wash. It's a bit too far to drive home after a concert in these instances. Because it's an outdoor venue, most of their events take place in the summer months and visitors tend to camp out, making a weekend of it. Camping in the Gorge is a great way to avoid drunk drivers and turn your concert experience into a mini-vacation.


Difficulty: Moderate

Preparing For Your Trip

Step 1
Reserve your space at the Gorge's official campground when you book your tickets. Camping reservations are available from Ticketmaster for $40 per car and $10 per person. They do allow you to get your space when you arrive, but planning ahead is a good idea in case the campground fills up.
Step 2
Pack for cool weather, as nights at the Gorge can be unpredictable. Be sure you have a few warm blankets, a hat and a coat. Bring food, or plan to buy from the concessionaire or the mini market.
Step 3
Charge your batteries before you leave, or bring a car charger for your phone. There aren't any places to charge your battery at The Gorge.
Step 4
Arrive in the afternoon, a few hours before the concert, to be sure that you're not parked by the bathrooms. If you've chosen a campground outside of The Gorge's official campground, then getting in early will not be required.
Step 5
Upgrade to the fenced camping area if the exposure of the enormous lawn leaves you feeling uncomfortable. The private camping area is supposedly more secure. They have staffing 24 hours a day, and private bathrooms and showers.
Step 6
Leave early the morning after the concert unless you've over-partied and are too tired. In the afternoon, there's a slow-moving stream of cars all trying to get out at the same time, whereas in the morning it's relatively easy to cruise away after you're packed up.

Tips & Warnings

Keep track of your friends and make sure that everyone you arrived with is safe and secure, and not over-indulging in alcohol.
Do not bring valuables to an overnight concert event.

Article Written By Lisa Russell

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