How to Size Water Skis

How to Size Water Skis
When buying water skis, it is important to buy the right size and style to suit your needs. Buying the wrong type of ski can make the sport very difficult to learn or can hinder further progression. For most people, it is best to buy a ski that is easy to learn on, yet is still enjoyable once you're comfortable with trying out a few tricks.


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Step 1
Know what you want from your ski. What type of skiing experience will determine the style and size of your ski. The key things to decide are how easy you want them to be to learn on, how well you would like them to turn, how fast you will be going and if you are going to attempt any fancy maneuvers, such as jumps.
Step 2
Choose the width of your ski. A wider ski will provide better balance and make it a lot easier to learn on. Wider skis tend to have a wider turning radius. A wide ski with a narrow tail can provide the ease of a wide ski but allow for better turning.
Step 3
Determine your weight. Generally, the less you weigh, the shorter the ski you are going to want to use.
Step 4
Determine how fast the boat will be going. The faster the boat will be going, the shorter the ski you can use.
Step 5
Be honest with yourself, and determine your skill level. Someone new to the sport might opt for long skis for plenty of balance. On the contrary, an expert would choose short, narrow skis for maximum speed and handling.

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