How to Remove an RV Refrigerator

How to Remove an RV Refrigerator
RV refrigerators are more difficult to remove than most house refrigerators because they are held in place with screws, hardwired into the RV's electrical system and connected to the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) line. Because part of the RV refrigerator removal process requires disconnecting the LPG line and electrical wiring, familiarize yourself with your RV owner's manual to ensure you follow safe procedures. LPG is commonly used to power RV refrigerators, but care must be taken to prevent against fire hazards or leakages.


Difficulty: Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Two 8-inch crescent wrenches
  • Two 10-inch crescent wrenches
  • LPG line cap
  • Phillips head screwdriver (various sizes)
  • Towel, sheet or tarp
Step 1
Open the refrigerator to access the inside controls and turn the propane, battery and electric knobs to the "off" position.
Step 2
Turn off the propane to your RV at the main LPG tank.
Step 3
Unplug the main power to your RV and turn off the house battery and generator.
Step 4
Access the back side of the refrigerator through the outside access panel, located on the exterior of your RV.
Step 5
Disconnect the LPG line from the back of the refrigerator, using two crescent wrenches. Most RV LPG gas lines require the use of either 8-inch or 10-inch crescent wrenches. Use one wrench to hold on to the LPG line and the other wrench to loosen the flare nut. Cap off the LPG line.
Step 6
Disconnect the two 12-volt wires at the back of the refrigerator.
Step 7
Go inside the RV. Pull off the plastic caps around the frame of the refrigerator to reveal the screws---there are usually 4 to 6 plastic caps.
Step 8
Unscrew the screws using the appropriate-size Phillips screwdriver. The size of the screws vary, depending on the RV.
Step 9
Remove the caulking from around the frame of the refrigerator.
Step 10
Place a towel, sheet or tarp underneath the refrigerator to prevent damage to the RV floor during refrigerator removal.
Step 11
Pull the refrigerator out of the RV cabinet space. It is easier to remove the refrigerator if you have another person access the back of the refrigerator from the exterior access panel and push, while you pull.
Step 12
Install an RV refrigerator by following the directions in reverse.

Tips & Warnings

Due to the variances in different RVs and RV refrigerators, refrigerator removal procedures may slightly vary.
Disconnecting LPG lines and electrical wiring is dangerous if done incorrectly. Never work with LPG or electrical wiring unless you have the knowledge and ability to safely do so.

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