How to Plan Ski Vacations

How to Plan Ski Vacations
Planning the perfect ski vacation can be intimidating. There are so many different things to consider and so many little details to take care of. However, if you walk through it one step at a time, you'll have all your details squared away and will enjoy a successful trip.


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Step 1
Consider the skiing. The first goal of any ski trip is to provide an enjoyable skiing experience. Think about the skiers in your group and make sure the resort that you choose offers a mix of terrain suitable for each one. Also consider the quality of the ski school if there are any skiers taking lessons.
Step 2
Consider off-slope activities. Unless you're a die-hard, eat-sleep-ski traveler, you'll probably want something to do after the lifts stop running. Consider aspects of the resort like dining, shopping, nightlife and kids' activities. Make sure the resort offers everything you need.
Step 3
Decide on transportation. When flying, you'll need to determine how you'll get to and from the resort and how you'll travel around during your stay. To avoid driving in unfamiliar, snowy terrain, take a shuttle from the airport and stay at a resort with a free shuttle service.
Step 4
Make reservations. Once you've determined a resort, it's time to make reservations. Look online and call the resort and/or lodging facilities around the resort to find good prices. Consider everything that you'll need to reserve (i.e., transportation, lodging, lift tickets, lessons, rentals) and look for packages that will make booking cheaper and easier.
Step 5
Get everything together well in advance. There is a lot to pack when it comes to ski vacations. Make sure that your equipment has been tuned and is in good working condition. Get all your skiing gear and clothing together and ensure that it's in good repair. Purchase any new clothing or gear ahead of your trip.
Step 6
Check the weather and forecast a day or two before leaving. Take the forecast into consideration when preparing, but pack on the cautious side because weather changes rapidly. Prepare for the coldest, snowiest conditions that you reasonably expect. If you're unsure, check annual averages to get a better idea and pack extra clothing--better to have too much then not enough.
Step 7
Pack a day or two before the trip. Make checklists for every traveler in your group. To make packing easier, make several lists such as "skiing equipment," "ski clothing" and "casual clothing." Pack each item and check it off as you go. Have everything prepared to grab and go the day of the trip.
Step 8
Keep everything that you need for your travel day in a backpack or jacket pocket. This will include confirmation numbers for ski shuttle/rental car, address and telephone numbers and reservation information. Keep this accessible to make the actual trip seamless.

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