How to Fix a Bent Bicycle Rim

How to Fix a Bent Bicycle Rim
If you've had an accident with your bike or hit a particularly bad pothole, you might have suffered damage to the bicycle rim. Flat tires are more common, but with a strong enough impact, the rim of the wheel can bend. In the case of slight bends, you can fix them yourself.


Difficulty: Moderate

Step 1
Find where along the circumference of the wheel the rim is bent. You can do this by rolling it along the ground and noting when it rolls unevenly.
Step 2
Secure the wheel in a vise, tightly enough to hold it still but not so tightly that you risk further bending damage to the rim.
Step 3
Use your hands and body weight to correct the major bends if the whole wheel is curved.
Step 4
Use a pair of pliers for smaller, more acute bends. For some of the smaller bends, you might have to remove the tire and inner tube, depending on where the bends are located. If you have to remove the tire and inner tube, deflate the tire thoroughly before you do so.
Step 5
Tighten the spokes as necessary after you have straightened the rim. This is only necessary if the whole rim was bent. Tighten the spokes on the side of the wheel that was bent outward; loosen the spokes on the side that was bent inward if necessary.

Article Written By Joe White

Joe White graduated from the University of Dallas with a Bachelor of Arts in English. He has been living and writing in Chicago since 2007.

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