How to Heal Torn Muscles

How to Heal Torn Muscles
Torn muscles are also known as muscle strains. Some muscle tears may be relatively minor whereas others can be more serious. It depends on the number of muscle fibers that have torn. Torn muscles are commonly referred to as "pulled muscles." Thankfully, most people fully recover from torn muscles. You simply need to employ proper care in order to heal adequately.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Ice Cloth Ice pack Heating pad Elastic bandage Acetaminophen
  • Ice
  • Cloth
  • Ice pack
  • Heating pad
  • Elastic bandage
  • Acetaminophen
Step 1
Apply ice to the torn muscle. Do this as soon as possible. It will help to reduce swelling and alleviate pain. You can either wrap ice in a soft cloth or apply an ice pack to the affected area.
Step 2
Elevate the body area where the torn muscle occurred, if possible. This helps to drain fluid, preventing swelling.
Step 3
Use heat. While you should ice the area in the first 24 hours following the injury, you can begin using heat to treat your torn muscle after that time period. Heat helps to loosen the muscle and aids in circulation, helping vital blood and nutrients to reach the injured muscle. Place a heating pad on the area for 10- to 15-minute intervals.
Step 4
Rest. For your muscle to heal quickly and properly, you need to avoid using it as much as possible. While you will inevitably have to use it to some degree, try to rest it as much as possible. Do not participate in any exercise or strenuous activity until the muscle has healed.
Step 5
Wrap the muscle. Use an elastic bandage to wrap the area. This provides support to the muscle and helps to prevent further injury to it. The elastic bandage should be firm against the area but loose enough to allow for full circulation. If the bandage leaves marks on your skin, it is too tight.
Step 6
Take anti-inflammatory medication. Available over-the-counter, anti-inflammatory medication will prevent swelling, helping your torn muscle to heal more quickly. Acetaminophen or ibuprofen work well for torn muscles. Avoid aspirin as it encourages bleeding.

Tips & Warnings

Drink plenty of water. Water helps to flush toxins from your muscles.
If you have severely torn your muscle, see a doctor immediately.

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