How to Identify Iowa Spiders

How to Identify Iowa Spiders
There are many different kinds of spiders that roam the state of Iowa. There are very few venomous spiders in Iowa, and most of them are not aggressive. There are spiders that are colorful and those that appear scary and threatening, even though they wouldn't attack unless they feel threatened. Spiders' distinctive characteristics make it rather easy to identify them.


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Step 1
Beware of the most venomous spider in Iowa. The brown recluse can hurt if you are bitten by it, and the bite can cause severe damage if not treated immediately. It is yellowish brown and isn't commonly seen in the state. The brown recluse has a violin-shaped abdomen.
Step 2
Watch out for spiders that live inside homes in Iowa. The sac spider is most often seen in homes up high near ceilings, and it rarely goes outside. It is yellowish in color. Crab spiders can also be found in homes, but they do go outside. They are bright yellow to dark red as well as brown and gray. If outside, the crab spider can be found on flowers and stems. They are known for being able to walk sideways like crabs. The jumping spider can also be found inside homes near windows, high ceilings and tall walls. They are black with white stripes and they jump onto their prey.
Step 3
Look in the garden for spiders. The garden spider can be found on a web between plants and shrubs or trees. They tend to have large abdomens and are brightly colored.
Step 4
Be cautious of two of the most common spiders in Iowa. They are the wolf and fisher spiders. They are the largest spiders found in the state. The wolf spider is hairy and brown and black. It is found in high grass and shrubs and anywhere else it can find many insects to eat. The fisher spider is also called the water spider since it can actually go into the water and prey on small fish and tadpoles. They are light gray with black stripes on legs and will always be found in damp or wet areas near streams and rivers.
Wolf Spider
Step 5
Look under rocks for spiders. In Iowa, the parson spider can be found under rocks on a silky web that they made. Their bodies are brown and the abdomen is gray with a white band down the middle of the body. They also can be found under wood or old tree bark. If seen in homes, they would be in dark crevices and wide cracks.

Tips & Warnings

Daddy long legs are also commonly seen in Iowa. They have long legs and a small body. They eat mostly juice from fruits and small insects. They can be seen most often during the fall. Daddy long legs are also known as the harvestmen.


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