How to Position a Ski on a Ski Rack

How to Position a Ski on a Ski Rack
Ski racks are a great invention that let you ride comfortably in your car's cabin without the hassle of cramming your skis side-by-side next to your passengers. Using a ski rack prevents damage to the inside of your car, and it helps prevent grinding of the ski edges and chipping of the ski laminate. If you place your skis correctly on your rack, you and your passengers can enjoy a comfortable ride home from the slopes.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Clean your skis off before placing them on the ski rack. This will prevent snow from dusting off the skis and blinding drivers that are behind you as you travel home.
Step 2
Remove any loose objects from the skis. Never leave your boots attached to the bindings when in transit.
Step 3
Place your skis close together for better aerodynamics. Skis that are haphazardly positioned or widely spaced can reduce your car's gas mileage on long trips.
Step 4
Position the skis with the bases facing either up or down. Base positioning is a matter of personal preference.
Step 5
Latch the ski rack closed, and make sure the bindings are between the rungs on the rack. If the rack has a lock, lock the rack to secure the skis. Your skis should now be safely fastened and ready for travel.

Tips & Warnings

Familiarize yourself with your rack before your ski trip.
Never overcrowd your ski rack. Place only the recommend number of skis on your rack, or you risk damaging the rack and skis.
Make sure you have enough clearance in parking garages or other places with low clearance.


Article Written By Rob Holzman

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Rob Holzman has been writing outdoor articles since 1997. He recently published the first comprehensive rock climbing guidebook for Pennsylvania and has fiction work published in the "Pacific Northwest Inlander". Holzman has also appeared on FOX television and has been an outdoor consultant for the Discovery Channel.

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