How to Make a Shelter From Palm Leaves

How to Make a Shelter From Palm LeavesIf you're stranded in a tropical area, your first priority is to make some type of shelter. You'll want to protect yourself from environmental conditions such as the sun, rain and coolness at night. Because you're in a warmer location, you should be able to find quite a few items for building your shelter. Palm leaves are great to use and will protect you from the outside elements. It won't take you too long to build your basic shelter out of palm leaves by following a few basic tips.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

How to Make a Palm Leaf Shelter

Things You’ll Need:
  • Green palm leaves
  • Brown palm leaves
  • Branches
  • Vines
  • Rope
Step 1
Select an area where the wind is calm and water is close by, if possible. You'll need water to survive, and if there is a source close by, build your shelter close to it. Also, check to see if there are wild edibles in the area. If you're out of food, try to be near a food source. If not, your chances of surviving the experience, even without food, are better if you have a shelter to protect yourself.
Step 2
Collect the supplies you'll need to build your shelter. Search the area for vines so you can use them to tie your structure together and collect palm leaves both green and brown. You'll also need large branches that are at least as tall as you are; make sure two of the branches are Y-shaped.
Step 3
Insert one of the Y-shaped branches into the sand approximately 1 foot deep. Pack the soil down tightly around the base of the branch. Make sure the branch is securely into the ground so it doesn't fall over.
Step 4
Place the second Y-shaped branch into the ground at the same depth as the first one. The branch should be at least your own body's length away from the first branch. This allows you enough space to lie down. Pack the dirt around the second pole to sturdy it.
Step 5
Get a branch that is as long as the area between the two branches you just inserted into the ground and place it between the Y sections of the branches. This forms your ridge pole.
Step 6
Stack branches at an angle, against the ridge pole branch. These form the frame of the shelter where the palm leaves will be placed. You can place branches on both sides of the ridge pole to form two sides of the shelter, or you can place them on only one side to create a lean-to.
Step 7
Lay palm leaves on the floor of the shelter for you to sit on. This will keep you off the ground in the event it rains or bugs are crawling around in the area. Also, sand can irritate your skin if you rub against it for a long period.

Article Written By Joyce Starr

Joyce Starr is a professional writer from Florida and owns a landscaping company and garden center. She has published articles about camping in Florida, lawn care and gardening and writes for a local gardening newsletter. She shares her love and knowledge of the outdoors and nature through her writing.

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