How to Wrap Your Ankle With Athletic Tape

How to Wrap Your Ankle With Athletic Tape
Wrapping your ankle correctly can provide you with sufficient stability. It protects you from any hyperextension and gives your ankle extra support. The stability and support allows for a quicker recovery. And ankle wrapping can also provide effective protection in a situation where intense impact on the ankle joints is anticipated.


Difficulty: Challenging

Things You’ll Need:
  • Quick-drying tape adhesive (2) Nonstick square dressings Prewrap Athletic tape
  • Quick-drying tape adhesive
  • (2) Nonstick square dressings
  • Prewrap
  • Athletic tape
Step 1
Prepare your ankle for taping. Spray quick-drying tape adhesive around the entire ankle. Place one 2"x2" square of nonstick dressing on the top of your ankle and another underneath your ankle just above the heel.
Step 2
Apply prewrap to your ankle. Approximating a figure-eight direction, apply prewrap in a continuous motion around your ankle and under your heel. Start on top of your ankle, wrapping around to the bottom of the ankle just above your heel. Continue back again to the top of your ankle, wrapping in the same continuous direction. Once you reach the top, move diagonally to continue wrapping underneath the heel. Continue around the back to the top of your ankle and repeat the figure-eight motion for three layers of prewrap, finishing it off by extending the prewrap up your ankle to a point about four inches above your heel.
Step 3
Anchor the top of your prewrap dressing with athletic tape. Do this by using two individual strips of tape, wrapped entirely around the top two inches of your prewrap. Place one strip at the very top of your prewrap with the second one just below the first, with the two overlapping.
Step 4
To provide essential support for your ankle, place a strip of athletic tape vertically on your leg. Starting at the middle top of the dressing, on one side of the ankle, wrap the tape down your ankle, underneath your heel and back up the other side. The tape forms a "U" shape. Apply a strip of tape around the top of your "U" to secure it in place, as you did with the prewrap. Repeat this step three more times.
Step 5
Heel-lock your ankle wrap. A heel lock connects your heel and ankle, causing them to move as one, preventing hyperextension. Perform the same figure-eight motion you performed in the prewrap. Apply five to 10 layers of athletic tape around your ankle and heel.
Step 6
Finish off your ankle wrap. Keep everything in place by applying a final layer of tape over the entire area. Start at the very top of your dressings and continuously wrap around your ankle working your way down. When you reach your heel continue the dressing to the arch of your foot.

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