How to Attach a SCUBA Tank to a BCD

How to Attach a SCUBA Tank to a BCD
The scuba tank holds the air which the BCD then routes to your regulator for breathing and also to your BCD bladder to help control your buoyancy. The first thing that a scuba diver is taught in a scuba certification course is how to put your equipment together and check that everything is securely attached. It's important to properly secure your BCD to your tank. If you don't, then you could wind up damaging the tank.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Scuba tank BCD
  • Scuba tank
  • BCD
Step 1
Wet the tank band strap on your BCD if it's brand new, as the nylon can shrink in the water.
Step 2
Stand the tank upright and position the tank so that the tank valve is facing the BCD.
Step 3
Loosen the tank band strap on the BCD and place it over the top of the tank.
Step 4
Position the BCD so that the top of the BCD's hard plate is level with the base of the tank valve.
Step 5
Place the small loop of fabric located at the top of the BCD over the tank valve.
Step 6
Tighten the tank band strap and secure it by closing the locking mechanism on the strap.
Step 7
Check to see if the tank is secure by seeing if you can move the tank band on the tank. If you can't, then pick up the BCD and gently move it up and down. If the tank is properly attached it won't shift about.

Article Written By Shiromi Nassreen

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