How to Use Dive Fins

How to Use Dive Fins
Dive fins greatly increase the propulsion caused by kicking your legs underwater. Fins take time to get used to, as they can feel awkward at first, but once you have adjusted to wearing the fins, swimming with your dive fins is a relatively simple task, and will give a noticeable improvement to your underwater swimming speed.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Dive fins
  • Dive fins
Step 1
Submerge your feet in the water before putting on your fins. If your are walking into the water, walk into the shallows then put them on. If you are swimming from a boat, hang your feet over the boat and put the fins on. Walking on dry land with the fins is very difficult.
Step 2
Jump into the water.
Step 3
Keep your arms close to your body as you are swimming. The fins will provide all the propulsion you need, so paddling is not needed, thus keeping them in close makes you cut through the water as efficiently as possible.
Step 4
Keep your upper body straight as you are swimming to minimize drag.

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