How to Put Hook & Weight on a Fishing Pole

How to Put Hook & Weight on a Fishing Pole
Attaching a hook and fishing weights onto your fishing line may seem simple, but doing it so you can catch fish consistently takes some expertise. Learn to attach hooks to monofilament line using the improved clinch knot. This knot is easy to tie once learned and it will maintain much of the strength of the fishing line when stressed. Utilize split shots on your fishing line above the hook to add weight to the presentation and keep live bait in the water.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging

Improved Clinch Knot

Step 1
Grasp the hook by its bend and its shaft so you may pass about 6 inches of line through the hook's eye. Bend back the end of the fishing line threaded through the hook until it is alongside the line leading to the hook's eye.
Step 2
Wrap the end portion of the line at least five times--and as many as seven--around the portion of the line leading to the hook. Keep the loops around the line tight and close together with the thumb of the hand with which you hold the hook.
Step 3
Guide the end of the fishing line back through the first loop made in Step 2. This first wrap is closest to the eye of the hook. This step creates a large loop formed between the last wrap and the point where the fishing line goes back into the small loop near the eye.
Step 4
Finish the knot by passing the end of the line through this large loop created in Step 3. Pull the knot tight, making sure the wraps along the line slide toward the eye of the hook as you pull. Trim the loose line coming from the knot.

Adding Weight to Fishing Line

Step 1
Place split shots about 18 inches from your hook when fishing in water with a current such as a river or stream. This allows the bait to float naturally with the current. You can move the split shot as far as 2.5 feet from the hook when fishing in a pond, lake or river cove where there is no current.
Step 2
Pinch open the split shot. Notice one end seems to have "fins." Apply pressure to this end in order to cause the opposite side to open wide, much like you do with a clothespin. Pinch these fins together by hand or with pliers until the other side of the split shot opens.
Step 3
Place the open end on the line at the desired distance from the hook and pinch that end shut until secure. You many need to add more split shots to have the ability to cast your line long distances.

Tips & Warnings

If the split shots regularly slip down your line, try wrapping the line around them when you attach them. Accomplish this by holding the split shot securely after you have opened it. Take the line and loop it around the split shot twice, guiding it between the fins and through the open end.

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