How to Cover an RV

How to Cover an RV
Protecting your RV is essential. Cracks, corrosion and damage from rain, snow, tree sap and hail is common for RV owners to experience if they leave their mobile homes uncovered when they are not in use. If you do not have a garage or roof to store your RV, a good cover is an excellent solution to prevent damage from the elements. Learning to cover your RV will let your mobile home rest happily under its cover, dreaming of its next adventure.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Unfold the cover and locate the front end of the cover. Place this front side on top of the rest of the cover and make sure it is neatly laid out with no snags or tangles.
Step 2
Tie a piece of rope onto the front of the cover and climb the ladder on the RV or use a stepladder to gain access to your RV's roof. Tie the rope onto yourself so you can use both hands to safely climb to the top of the RV.
Step 3
Using the rope, pull up the cover to the top of the RV, making sure it is not caught on any obstacles. If possible, have someone assist you from the ground to make sure the cover does not get stuck while hauling it up.
Step 4
Pull the cover from back to front, over the top of the roof, until you reach the front of the RV. Use a stepladder if you do not want to walk on the roof of the RV, and fan the cover out over the roof so it will be easy to drop off the sides.
Step 5
Drop the cover down, letting it droop over the sides of the RV. Make sure it does not get stuck on the awnings or windows; if it does, reposition your stepladder to safely remove the snag.
Step 6
Pull the front end of the cover down over the front end of the RV until it reaches the ground. Go over the sides and make sure they are evenly fitted over both sides of the RV.
Step 7
Pull the back end of the cover down the ladder and bring it to the ground. The cover should now be evenly fitted over the entire surface of the RV.
Step 8
Secure the straps under the RV and clip them into the opposite side of the cover, cinching the cover until it is taught. To further secure the cover, tie the straps in the rear end of the cover to make the cover snug and secure.


Article Written By Rob Holzman

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Rob Holzman has been writing outdoor articles since 1997. He recently published the first comprehensive rock climbing guidebook for Pennsylvania and has fiction work published in the "Pacific Northwest Inlander". Holzman has also appeared on FOX television and has been an outdoor consultant for the Discovery Channel.

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