How to Find the Right Size Ski

How to Find the Right Size Ski
It used to be that finding the right ski size meant simply holding the ski up next to you and seeing where it measured against your head. For beginners, it needed to reach a person's nose, with advanced skiers usually needing longer skis. However, today there are different ski shapes available, which is why it is advisable to first check the manufacturer's own size chart before making any adjustments based on your own skiing ability and preferences.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Manufacturer's Size Chart
Step 1
Consult the sizing chart for the type of ski that you want to purchase.
Step 2
Look up your weight on the sizing chart to determine the suggested ski length for the average skier.
Step 3
Determine your skiing ability.
Step 4
Deduct centimeters from the suggested length of the ski if you are a beginner or intermediate skier. Deduct 10 centimeters for beginners and 5 centimeters for intermediate skiers who can ski green and blue runs.
Step 5
Make no deductions if you are an advanced skier who skis black runs in good conditions.
Step 6
Add centimeters if you are an expert skier. Add 5 centimeters if you can ski all runs at high speeds and add 10 centimeters if you're a specialist skier who skies every day in all conditions.
Step 7
Make adjustments based on the type of skiing you prefer to do. If you prefer to do backcountry, big-mountain skiing, consider adding 5 centimeters to increase stability. If you do slalom races or anything that requires greater maneuverability, then deduct 10 centimeters from the overall length of your skis.

Article Written By Shiromi Nassreen

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