How to Teach Kids to Snowboard

How to Teach Kids to Snowboard
Snowboarding is a fun and rewarding sport the entire family can learn and enjoy. Long, cold winter days can be filled with the anticipation and excitement of learning a new activity with the family. Whether you are going to a ski resort or enjoying some backyard fun on fresh new powder, snowboarding is an enjoyable skill for children to learn. Introducing kids to sports like snowboarding can help them develop healthy, active lifestyles. Below are some tips to effectively teach snowboarding to kids.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Snowboard
  • Snowboard boots
Step 1
Prepare for being outdoors in cold weather by equipping yourself and your kids with weather-appropriate clothing. A snowboard and snowboard boots are a given, but don't forget warm, waterproof clothing like a jacket, a warm underlayer, gloves, hat, and goggles. Make a checklist and go over it before leaving the house.
Step 2
Go over a relaxed, athletic stance (hips balanced over the knees and feet), and practice this on a level slope standing next to the snowboard. This will help the child remember how to stand while in the bindings.
Step 3
Have the child slide on the snowboard on a gentle slope with a natural runoff to get the feel of sliding. Practice this with feet out of the bindings to build comfort and confidence.
Step 4
Tell the child to place his front foot in the front binding and leave the back foot out and repeat the previous step. Have him glide straight into a natural, flat runoff to practice moving on the snowboard. Practice this until the child is comfortable and well-balanced.
Step 5
Make a toe-side turn by telling the child to point her toes to the snow and skid the back foot, making the board come around in a long, controlled turn. Have her keep the back foot out of the binding and stop when the snowboard is facing across the hill.
Step 6
Make a heel-side turn by tilting the board onto the heel-side edge (edge opposite the toe-side edge from the last step) and rotate the back heel, making a controlled turn.
Step 7
Link a toe-side and heel-side turn and practice this several times before strapping the heel into the binding. When your child can link two turns well, have him strap the back foot in and practice two turns.

Tips & Warnings

If you seek professional instruction, your child's first time snowboarding can be much easier.
Remember that the first time is always the hardest. Don't give up or get discouraged if your child does not pick up the sport the first time out.

Article Written By Rob Holzman

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Rob Holzman has been writing outdoor articles since 1997. He recently published the first comprehensive rock climbing guidebook for Pennsylvania and has fiction work published in the "Pacific Northwest Inlander". Holzman has also appeared on FOX television and has been an outdoor consultant for the Discovery Channel.

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