How to Clean SCUBA Regulators

How to Clean SCUBA Regulators
Properly washing your equipment is a skill every diver should learn. You should plan on washing down your gear after every dive. Since most diving products are made from rubber, sea water can be very destructive. Cleaning your gear will ensure that it not only performs safely, but will prolong its use as well.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Bathtub with shower nozzle Towel
  • Bathtub with shower nozzle
  • Towel
Step 1
Open your tank valve. Then soak both the tank and regulator in fresh water for at least an hour.
Step 2
Work any buttons, levers or knobs back and forth to loosen particles inside. Then flush water through the second stage mouthpiece of your regulator. Repeat this process with any other openings.
Step 3
Hold the first stage higher than the second stage to prevent water running into the first stage.
Step 4
Blow out any water that may have entered the first stage by pressing the purge button on your regulator.
Step 5
Close the valve and then unscrew the regulator.
Step 6
Dry the dust cap. You can accomplish this in one of two ways. Turn the tank valve back on and blow air into the dust cap, or dry it with a cloth. Then place the dust cap back on.
Step 7
Dry the regulator with a towel.

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