How to Put on a Fishing Jig Skirt

How to Put on a Fishing Jig SkirtFishing jig skirts are a series of rubber or metal foil strips that fit on the hook of the jig below the head or weight. Skirts are available in a wide range of colors and are designed to act as an additional attractor to game fish. Skirts are manufactured by different companies with differing designs. The basic concept, however, is a number of rubber or metallic strips held together by a rubber band.


Difficulty: Moderately Easy

Step 1
Remove any old skirt material from the jig. Oftentimes it is necessary to replace a jig skirt because the old one is damaged. Make sure all the old material is removed along with the rubber retaining band.
Step 2
Grasp the new skirt at the rubber retaining band. The band may have the strips passing through, or they might be attached to the band itself, extending in one direction.
Step 3
Slide the skirt over the point of the hook and past the barb. Make any small adjustments to the skirt material so that the individual strips are not rolled or tangled.
Step 4
Work the skirt around the bend and up the shaft of the hook.
Step 5
Slide the retaining band of the skirt over the small body of the jig. Most jigs will feature a small section of body extending down the hook from the weight or head of the lure. Position the skirt so that the band and skirt are positioned against the head of the lure.

Tips & Warnings

Some jigs will feature a small retaining ring built into the body of the lure. This is often a raised area or ridge that helps prevent the skirt from working back down the shaft during use.
Use care when sliding the skirt past the point and barb of the hook. These areas are typically very sharp and may cause injury.

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