How to Waterproof Jackets

How to Waterproof JacketsWaterproof jackets are useful and many times necessary pieces of equipment for outdoor enthusiasts. There are many different makes and models of waterproof jackets; however, there are times when you may wish to waterproof a jacket yourself. Waterproofing chemicals are typically available in either spray-on or wash-in types. Wash-in treatments treat the entire garment; spray-on applications are more convenient and concentrate the waterproofing to a particular area.


Difficulty: Moderate

Waterproofing a Jacket

Things You’ll Need:
  • spray on waterproofing such as NikWax Soft Shell Proof
Step 1
Wash the jacket to remove any debris or dirt. While the jacket is still damp, spread the garment flat on a surface that will not be damaged by moisture.
Step 2
Following the directions from the manufacturer, hold the can 16 to 18 inches from the surface of the fabric. With an even and constant motion, evenly spray the jacket with the waterproofing product.
Step 3
Rub any excess or overspray into the fabric and allow to dry. Do not allow the solution to dry in an uneven manner.
Step 4
Turn the jacket over and repeat the application process for the untreated side. Make sure the waterproofing is once again applied evenly. Allow this side to dry.
Step 5
Reapply the waterproofing to seams, zippers and any areas that may be susceptible to water leakage. Allow to thoroughly dry before using.

Tips & Warnings

Take time to thoroughly and evenly apply the solution. Failing to coat zippers and seams will result in water leakage.
Follow the manufacturer's directions for application, including any warnings regarding inhalation or contact with eyes and skin.

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