How to Find Spring Water

Camping ShovelSpring water is typically considered to be a good source of water in the outdoors. Whether for survival or for a quick drink while hiking, running, or biking in a wooded or forest setting, springs are a prized source of water. As spring usually bubble up from the ground, the contamination factor is often greatly reduced, as opposed to a creek or stream, which is more exposed to contaminates.


Difficulty: Moderately Challenging


Finding Spring Water

Things You’ll Need:
  • trowel or small shovel
Step 1: Look for vegetation that is seemingly flourishing in a swag or other low-lying areas. Trees, smaller shrubs and plants will thrive near springs.
Step 2: Locate the source of the spring. Many times spring water will seep to the surface and then run off forming a small stream of water.
Step 3: Clear away any debris such as leaves, wood, and rocks from the source of the spring water. Use a trowel or shovel to help in removing debris.
Step 4: Use a trowel or shovel to dig into the source of the spring. Dig into the ground at the point where the flow of water seems strongest.
Step 5: Form a bowl shape that will act to pool the water. Unless the spring is forcefully running, forming a bowl will allow the water to pool and the sediments to settle to the bottom leaving clean and clear water.



Tips & Warnings

Unless a dire emergency situation, the water should be boiled before using.
Drinking untreated or boiled water can result in being infected with such nasty and debilitating things as crysto sporidium

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