The Best Ways to Pack Ski Clothes in a Suitcase

The Best Ways to Pack Ski Clothes in a Suitcase
There's nothing quite like an afternoon out on foreign slopes - unless it's getting to said slopes only to realize you've forgotten half of your all-important base layer or misplaced the only pair of ski socks you'd stowed away. Keeping organized as you pack helps eliminate wardrobe malfunctions when you travel, and sorting your ski clothes out by layers helps ensure that you can dress to fit the weather, no matter what it may throw at you.


Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need:
  • Stuff sacks (optional)
Step 1
Make a list of items you'll need to pack. Organize them by layers: base layer, midlayer, outerwear. Don't forget to include small items like socks, gloves and hats and any packable accessories like gaiters. You should take your own boots with you if possible, even if you plan to rent the rest of the gear at your destination, so don't forget to add those to the list. They'll count as one item of carry-on luggage.
Step 2
Pack in the same order you'd dress - start with underwear and base layers, then pack midlayers and finally add outerwear and accessories. Check each item off the list as you pack it. Do this the night before you leave, if not earlier, so that you have time to "sleep on it" and perhaps recall anything you may have forgotten before it's time to leave.
Step 3
Lay your items of ski clothing out in the center of the suitcase, one item on top of the other. Place a bundle of small ski accessories in the middle of the stack and wrap the clothes securely around this bundle.
Step 4
Roll any extra clothing items tightly, squeezing them around the bundle you made to make the fullest use of the corners and any other open space in your suitcase. If you're packing a fair amount of nonski clothing as well, consider separate "ski clothes" into one or two nylon stuff sacks, or at least bundling ski and nonski clothing separately, to help keep organized. The stuff sacks will come in handy for keeping dirty clothes separated from clean clothes as you travel.

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