How to Build a Simple Camping Chair

How to Build a Simple Camping Chair
Sometime when you are bored, and company is coming over, you can save the day with some material found in and around most campsites. It's time to get out the hand tools and get creative. Building a basic three-legged stool can be done in just an hour for one, and you could build several more fairly fast once the material and tools are gathered. The stool will fold, to an extent, when not in use.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Hand saw 3 sticks, about 2-feet-long Rope or twine Canvas 3 washers 3 large head roofing nails
  • Hand saw
  • 3 sticks, about 2-feet-long
  • Rope or twine
  • Canvas
  • 3 washers
  • 3 large head roofing nails
Step 1
Cut the sticks off square at the top and bottom. The sticks should be fairly stout, about as big as a broom handle. Lay the sticks in a pile on the twine.
Step 2
Wrap the legs fairly tight with the twine and secure with your favorite knot.
Step 3
Spread the legs at the top and put the bottoms on the ground so it will stand on its own. Cut a triangle piece of canvas to the size of the tops while they are spread. Make the canvas a little bigger as you can always trim it up after it is fastened.
Step 4
Take a 1/2-inch washer and insert a large head nail such as a roofing nail. Sink it through the canvas and into the end of the leg of the stool. Repeat on the other two legs. This washer with nail will be nailed into the end of the sticks at the three points of the triangle (where the black dot is on the picture).
Step 5
Trim the excess canvas to make a triangle. You now have a camp stool for when that unexpected guest arrives.

Tips & Warnings

You can use other material like deer hide or heavy rubber.
If you are expecting people over 200 pounds for company you may want to double the layer on the seat

Article Written By Dennis Seabright

Denny Seabright has been writing for since Nov. of 2008 with most articles being in the "How to" category. Graduating from James Wood High school in 1976 and going straight into the work force left little room for formal education but writing has always been dear to his heart.

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