How to Easily Carry Nalgene Bottles

How to Easily Carry Nalgene Bottles
Nalgene is a popular manufacturer of water bottles built for sport and outdoor use. Unfortunately many of Nalgene's designs make for rather large and cumbersome bottles to carry, making it difficult to carry your water outside the house or office. Luckily, there are plenty of options designed specifically for making your water bottle easier to carry on a walk, hike, or other activity.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Purchase a streamlined Nalgene bottle. If you haven't yet purchased your bottle, opt for a bottle in the OTG or Grip-n-Gulp lines. These feature thinner dimensions that will be easier to grasp. The latter also features grips designed to further increase your grasp. Other Nalgene bottles are wide and difficult to carry in one hand.
Step 2
Secure the Nalgene bottle to a backpack using the top hinge. Some of Nalgene's wider bottles feature a plastic top hinge that can be secured to a pack using a clip or string. Be aware that this could result in ripping the top off, particularly if a full bottle will be bouncing around. OTG water bottles have a small hole that can be used with a carabiner or other fastening device.
Step 3
Purchase a backpack with mesh side pockets. If you'll be hiking or backpacking, you'll likely need a backpack anyway. Make sure the backpack has stretch side pockets that can accommodate your Nalgene bottle. Waistpacks are an option for walkers or joggers who want to avoid carrying a backpack.
Step 4
Purchase a Nalgene carrier. If you don't plan to carry a backpack, you can purchase a carrier designed specifically for hands-free Nalgene transport. Nalgene offers a line of shoulder-strap carriers.


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