How to Install a Tire on a Road Bike

How to Install a Tire on a Road Bike
Even if you can get a lot of miles out of your tire's inner tubes, odds are the tires on your road bicycle will lose tread over the many miles traveled across pavement. If you only have to replace the tire and not the tire tube, you're in luck--tubes can cause quite a hassle for cyclists, many who prefer to pay a professional to make the switch. But replacing and installing a tire is an easy process, and one that's worth knowing.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Rubber tire
Step 1
Deflate the tire tube as much as possible, keeping the tube cap off.
Step 2
Pull the tire off over the tube. This may be physically strenuous, and it may require help from another individual.
Step 3
Identify the directional arrows on your new tire. These arrows will show the right end of the tire to face forward on the rim for the tire treads to work properly.
Step 4
Pull the tire over the rim and the still-deflated tire tube. Start on one side, then hold the pulled-over parts as you fit other sides of the tire over the rim.
Step 5
Inflate the tire tube.

Article Written By Jonathan Croswell

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