How to Measure Nordic Walking Sticks

How to Measure Nordic Walking Sticks
Nordic walking is a fitness regimen that incorporates elements of cross-country skiing while walking with the use of specially designed Nordic poles. Nordic walking is popular among many age groups for its low-impact, full-body workout that can be used on jogging tracks or mountain trails. Using poles that are properly measured to your height is imperative for achieving the correct technique while exercising. Take your time while purchasing your walking poles to ensure a good fit before you buy.


Difficulty: Easy

Step 1
Slip your hands through the wrist straps and rest your arms to the sides of your body, bending your elbows to a near 90-degree angle so the tip of the pole touches the ground.
Step 2
Check the position of your hands on the grip. They should rest comfortably slightly lower than your elbow.
Step 3
Find a comfortable grip on the handle, and check your stance in a mirror while holding your poles.
Step 4
Take a few strides with your poles. People with very long or very short strides may need a taller or shorter pole in order to achieve the proper walking technique.

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