How to Change Forks on a Mountain Bike

How to Change Forks on a Mountain Bike
Removing the fork on a mountain bike is not all that difficult a task, but replacing the fork with another can be a little more complicated. The tools for such an endeavor are expensive, to say the least, and not easily obtained. If you already have them, or are willing to spend the money, then replacement won't be too difficult. But if you don't have the tools, it doesn't mean that it isn't possible. Some common household tools and items can do the trick as long as you are careful.


Difficulty: Moderate

Things You’ll Need:
  • Wrench
  • Hammer
  • Pipe
  • Screwdriver
  • or
  • Wrench
  • Race removal tool
  • Race setting tool
  • Star nut setting tool
Step 1
Unattach the brake line and the front tire from the fork.
Step 2
Loosen the pinch bolts on the stem, and take off the bolt on top of the fork.
Step 3
Remove the stem from the fork, and slide the fork off of the tube.
Step 4
Use a race removal tool to take off the race from the fork that was just taken off. If you do not have such a tool, try using a screwdriver. Put the screwdriver at the bottom of the crown race and hammer around until it comes off. It is possible to scratch the bike this way.
Step 5
Put the race on the new fork with a race setting tool. But if this is not available, a pipe that can go over the steer tube could work. Use a hammer to tap the race into place. If using a pipe, make sure that it fits over either the inner or outer lips of the race. If not, you could damage the surface with which the bearings connect.
Step 6
Install the new star nut into the new fork with a star nut setting tool. If you don't have one, you can tap it into place with a hammer. If you use a compression plug instead of a nut, you can use a hex wrench.
Step 7
Put the new fork on the opposite way that the other came off. Slide the new fork onto the tube, and put the stem back in place.
Step 8
Place the top bolt back in and tighten down.
Step 9
Tighten the pinch bolts, and reattach the brake line and front tire.

Article Written By Tara Dooley

Tara Dooley has written for various websites since 2008. She has worked as an accountant, after-school director and retail manager in various locations. Dooley holds a Bachelor of Science in business management and finance.

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