How to Catch Big Fish in Indiana

How to Catch Big Fish in Indiana
The possibility of hooking up with a big fish is what keeps most anglers' lines in the water. If you're going to Indiana you'll be able to catch big fish from a variety of species. These steps will put you in touch with the trophies no matter what you're looking for.


Difficulty: Moderate

Big bass in Indiana

Things You’ll Need:
  • Fishing equipment rigged for the species you're searching for
  • Fishing equipment rigged for the species you're searching for
Step 1
Choose your spot for big bass. You're looking for lakes with a lot of underwater structure and they are abundant. Check out some of these spots:

-West Boggs Lake
-Patoka Lake
-Dogwood Lake
-Monroe Reservoir
-Clear Lake
Step 2
Rig your gear for big bass. Stronger line is going to give you a better chance of landing big fish. Seventeen-pound test is not too big, even in clear Indiana water.
Step 3
Choose big baits for big bass. Here are some that will work in Indiana.

-Buzz baits
-A full size Zara Spook
-A large 6" Gizit

Try a little garlic scent on any of these or cut a night crawler in half, blow it up and use it to catch smallmouth bass.
Step 4
Cast your surface lures over grassy areas or underwater structure. When working somewhere like Clear Lake where you can see the bottom at 20 feet on a good day, change over to the night crawler approach.

Big muskie in Indiana

Step 1
With a 36-inch size limit and one fish per day cap, if you're going to catch a muskie in Indiana it's going to be a memorable moment. Here are some places you might find your monster.

-Webster Lake
-Barbee Chain
-Brookville Reservoir
Step 2
Muskie fishing requires special equipment to be done properly. Outfit yourself with a 6 1/2- to 7 1/2-foot rod with a fairly stiff tip. This will give you the versatility to use both jerk baits and lighter baits.

Your reel needs to be geared to somewhere between 5.3 to 1 and 6.3 to 1. Your reel will also need to hold about 200 yards of 25-lb. test line.

For line you will need either a braided line like the Dacron or a 25- or 30-lb. test mono-filament.

Leaders need to be huge for muskie fishing. 10-inch 100- to 150-lb. test leaders are used in either steel or titanium.
Step 3
Bait for muskie fishing are large as well. Here are a few that you will want to try.

-Rapala Husky Jerk
-Eight-inch Reef Hawg
-Mepps Giant Muskie Killer
-Grim Reaper Mag 1100
Step 4
Cast for muskie in 3 to 6 feet of water. Weed beds and algae blooms provide shade, oxygen and food for the fish. You can also troll for muskie and fish structure the same way that you would for bass.

Article Written By Mati Bishop

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